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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 11/24/2014

This week was pretty sweet! We were working and fighting for baptisms to happen for the investigators that we´ve been working with...but they just kept not working out. We were working, praying, fasting, doing everything that we could...and still, it didn´t happen the way we were hoping. But then, one of our super recent investigators out of nowhere just said "I want to get baptized....I´ll be there on the 22nd and I´ll stop drinking coffee."
So, we were pretty stunned and extremely excited and thankful that the Lord touched her heart and showed her that she needed to follow. It was a beautiful ceremony with tons of support from the ward. Our paths are not the Lord´s paths. If we do our part, He´ll do His. He´s already helping us out find other super elect people. I´m learning to trust in the Lord, and I´m growing a lot. He lives and is aware of us!!

Have a wonderful, powerful, amazing week!

Sister Neal

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