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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 12/29/2014

Hey guys! This week was super good! Christmas was awesome, we ate a ton, and we went to a Christmas program at night. The choir was gorgeous, and there was AC so I actually felt a little bit cold. We spent a lot of time with members and less active people, and we were able to bring the message of Jesus Christ and how HE is our gift to a lot of people. 

We were teaching someone named Antonio when out of nowhere other missionaries from another church came and tried to take over our lesson. Hah, it was super annoying. The funny thing was, the only Brazilian there was Antonio. The other two missionaries are from Korea, and my companion is from Peru. So a bunch of foreign people were at his kitchen table talking about religion, and he was just sitting there laughing a little. I finally said we would argue anymore, and they got kinda upset. The good thing was that Antonio stayed on our side when we were defending what we believe about having a prophet. Sorry, that was really poorly written, but I hope you guys get it. (We won). 

We also got people at church! Isaac´s firme e forte and is planning on getting married so he can get baptized. He´s loving the gospel and loving the blessing´s he´s seeing in his life. Michelle also came with us, and she´s liking having God in her life now. 

I love this work and I love bringing this joyful message to everyone that´ll listen. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year!!


Sister Neal

Our Christmas conference! Haha love all of them. That last picture´s awful, but it really displays all of their personalities. The tall Americans. love you guys!

Christmas and birthday package!

All opened, before Christmas...ha!

The tall one is Elder Morse, Sister Morse´s cousin!

They have rats in their apartment and she's on the attack!

LOL SHE PUT EYE SHADOW ON MY EYES you can delete that one. haha love you guys thanks so much for EVERYTHING!!!

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