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Friday, October 31, 2014

Letter from 10/27/14

GENTE. I was transfered!!! Guess where?!? Zone: Cidade Nova, Ward: Providência, City: Ananindeua Companion: MY TRAINER, SISTER DOMINGUES!! It´s her last transfer and we´re serving together again! How often does that happen?!? NEVER. But this is gonna be sweet!!! We´re having so much fun and it´s super cool that she gets to see my progress, and I can actually talk correctly now and really contribute! It´s amazing! We´re gonna make lots of miracles.

We got TONS of work done this week, made a whole new group to teach, got people to church, and made TONS of contacts. S. Domingues´s goal is to baptize 6 people before she we´re gonna get it done. in 5 weeks. At least that´s our goal...and we´re gonna do it!!! We´re super excited!! We´re really focusing on families, because a family baptizm is the best thing EVER. and we want them to be eternal. I know that families can be together forever, and there is NO GREATER GOAL. I love you all, have a fantastic week!!!!

Sister Neal with Sister Domingues who trained her!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Letter from 10/20/14

So, this week was kinda stressful. Everything went PERFECTLY until Friday. Igor, who was supposed to get married, ran away on the day of the wedding. We followed up the entire week..and he was excited...but it just didn´t go how it was supposed to. Antonio and Rodrigo also decided at the last minute that they weren't ready for baptism...but that they´d continue going to church to learn more. So...that was a blessing. They recognize the importance of the commitment and want to learn. We had an old investigator come to church this week, and he´s feeling a lot better about baptism, and we´re working for his baptism this Saturday.

I know that everything has a time and a place! I feel the Lord in the work! When all of our appointments fall through, the Lord provides us with someone who´s waiting to here. I know He loves us, and just expects us to be obedient and try our best. I´m thankful for all of the blessings that Heavenly Father gives us and all that He has waiting for us. I´m excited to be here and try to prove to Him that I love him through obedience. I love this work!!

Love you all, have a fantastic week!

Sister Neal

Little lizards that are everywhere. 

Also, there´s this huge thing happening....círio...where all of the catholics adore mary and other saints. i learned that there is SO much faith in the world...but focused on the WRONG THING. people walked from castanhal to belem holding a cord and walked with the saint...and then they have the guts to say they don´t worship idols:?!?!? WHEN, tell me, do catholics have a giant party for Jesus?:! NEVERRRR. ugh. so much faith focused on the wrong thiiing. oh well. love you guys! bye!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter from 10/13/2014

Miracles!! So there´s this man that´s been going to the church for a while (he was attending the other ward in the building) and his name´s Igor. He´s been going to church with his family and he´s been loving it. The woman he´s with is a member, but he´s not. So we went to go teach them, and we were kinda bummed out because they´re not married and we wanted him to get baptized...but he said that the date´s set to get married THIS FRIDAY and he´ll be baptized this Saturday!! It was WONDERFUL! I know I didn´t explain that very well, but it made me happy anyway :)

Also, we had plans to have investigators come to church...and, like almost always, they all fell through. BUT The Elders found two people in the street who they invited to church...and they live in our area, and they´ve already been to church once, and they absolutely loved it. I know that when we have goals, a plan of action, and lots of faith, Father WILL help us! He always provides a way. Our goal for this month is to baptize 2 men and 3 people in total...and The Lord is making it happen. Our plans fall through, but He presents other people. This work is amazing, and I truly see the hand of God here, helping us out. I know there are angels helping us. 

Thanks for all the prayers!! Have a wonderful week!!


Sister Neal

Picture notes (from Laura): They have 6 missionaries in the ward and it was someone's birthday. That's all I know about these pictures, but enjoy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Letter from 10/6/14

This week was great! We started this thing where we teach all of the members in our area the Restoration to get them feeling what the felt when they first heard it. We´re doing this to be able to get more referrals, and it´s really working! The spirit is so strong during the lessons, and it really strengthens the members too. 

We had investigators at conference, and it was wonderful. They loved it and learned a lot and want to learn more about prophets and how the church works. Everything went wrong for them and everything seemed to be getting in their way to get to the church, but they didn´t give up and they made it and loved every second of it. 

I loved the talk by Tad R. Callister when he talked about how we need to arm our families with prayer and help them be prepared to fight in the world every day. Then I read Mosiah 9:16-18 and it talked about just that. He prepared his army with every thing he had, and then they went and fought, constantly crying to God, and they won with the Lord´s help. That´s super inspiring to me and I know that it´s true! Our families need to be protected and prepared, and the only place they´re gonna learn that stuff and get that preparation is in the home. 

The talk that was given in Portuguese was AMAZING. WIth the translations, sometimes the whole idea isn´t given, and a lot of the emotion of the speaker isn´t there...but this talk was incredible. I loved it and I love the new program where everyone can talk in their own language.

I know we have living prophets to guide us in these latter days! They are real, and they know exactly what we need to return home! We have all of the materials necessary to return, we just need to use them. Pray! Read the scriptures! Go to church! Live this true gospel happily, and we´ll be blessed with the greatest gift of all, eternal life.

I love you all!!

Sister Neal

She got her camera and emailed a few pictures. I love them!



Cristo in panoramic

Young Women. She loves them!

Young Woman

Church in Castanhal

Church in Castanhal