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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter from 10/13/2014

Miracles!! So there´s this man that´s been going to the church for a while (he was attending the other ward in the building) and his name´s Igor. He´s been going to church with his family and he´s been loving it. The woman he´s with is a member, but he´s not. So we went to go teach them, and we were kinda bummed out because they´re not married and we wanted him to get baptized...but he said that the date´s set to get married THIS FRIDAY and he´ll be baptized this Saturday!! It was WONDERFUL! I know I didn´t explain that very well, but it made me happy anyway :)

Also, we had plans to have investigators come to church...and, like almost always, they all fell through. BUT The Elders found two people in the street who they invited to church...and they live in our area, and they´ve already been to church once, and they absolutely loved it. I know that when we have goals, a plan of action, and lots of faith, Father WILL help us! He always provides a way. Our goal for this month is to baptize 2 men and 3 people in total...and The Lord is making it happen. Our plans fall through, but He presents other people. This work is amazing, and I truly see the hand of God here, helping us out. I know there are angels helping us. 

Thanks for all the prayers!! Have a wonderful week!!


Sister Neal

Picture notes (from Laura): They have 6 missionaries in the ward and it was someone's birthday. That's all I know about these pictures, but enjoy!

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