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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Letter from 10/6/14

This week was great! We started this thing where we teach all of the members in our area the Restoration to get them feeling what the felt when they first heard it. We´re doing this to be able to get more referrals, and it´s really working! The spirit is so strong during the lessons, and it really strengthens the members too. 

We had investigators at conference, and it was wonderful. They loved it and learned a lot and want to learn more about prophets and how the church works. Everything went wrong for them and everything seemed to be getting in their way to get to the church, but they didn´t give up and they made it and loved every second of it. 

I loved the talk by Tad R. Callister when he talked about how we need to arm our families with prayer and help them be prepared to fight in the world every day. Then I read Mosiah 9:16-18 and it talked about just that. He prepared his army with every thing he had, and then they went and fought, constantly crying to God, and they won with the Lord´s help. That´s super inspiring to me and I know that it´s true! Our families need to be protected and prepared, and the only place they´re gonna learn that stuff and get that preparation is in the home. 

The talk that was given in Portuguese was AMAZING. WIth the translations, sometimes the whole idea isn´t given, and a lot of the emotion of the speaker isn´t there...but this talk was incredible. I loved it and I love the new program where everyone can talk in their own language.

I know we have living prophets to guide us in these latter days! They are real, and they know exactly what we need to return home! We have all of the materials necessary to return, we just need to use them. Pray! Read the scriptures! Go to church! Live this true gospel happily, and we´ll be blessed with the greatest gift of all, eternal life.

I love you all!!

Sister Neal

She got her camera and emailed a few pictures. I love them!



Cristo in panoramic

Young Women. She loves them!

Young Woman

Church in Castanhal

Church in Castanhal

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