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Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter from 9/29/2014

This week was full of learning again. S. Nascimento and I have been seeing that when we study something in Preach my Gospel in the morning, we ALWAYS get to apply it during the day. We were studying about really listening to people the other day...and that same day I think we found ALL of the hard hearted people who live here in Castanhal. No one wanted to hear our message, the just wanted to talk about the doctrine THEY wanted. So we listened. And a part of listening is to NOT form answers while they´re talking, but to really listen, and then wait for the spirit to give you words. And it was incredible! I bore my testimony so much this week, and it grew. I was able to teach with the spirit and really touch their hearts. It was an awesome learning experience.

Also, there´s one family here in our ward who basically makes up the entire ward. There´s only one brother who´s not a member, and his name is Paulo. His problem is that he knows that the church is true and has a wonderful testimony...but can´t stop drinking or smoking. Every single time we talk to him, he starts crying, testifying of the truth...and so broken and sad because he says he can´t stop and follow Christ. We just started crying with him, because we could just feel his spirit struggling, and wanting to leave drinking and smoking. We had an awesome experience talking to him. We invited him to say a prayer, and he was scared because he hadn´t prayed in a long time. But he did it, and it was the sweetest and most sincere prayer I´d heard in a long time. He felt a lot better after, and more motivated, knowing the love God has for him. It´s going to be awesome to see the repentance process in his life, and see him change into the man he wants to be.

I love this mission and seeing people´s lives change! It´s the best feeling ever, I am so blessed. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sister Neal

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