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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter From 9/1/14

This week was just one huge miracle! Our district of 4 sisters had a goal to baptize 9 people this month, and we DID IT! We only had 8 until the night of the baptism! Andre showed up and said he wanted to be baptized! It was beautiful. We had 4 people baptized on Saturday. Lindalva´s kids and André and an old woman (78 years) named Isabel. It was so spiritual. They were all confirmed yesterday. The ward is really growing now, and the members are helping so much. There´s one man in our ward who´s goal is to baptize his whole street, and he´s getting there! He´s already got 5! So we´re getting a lot of referrals from him, and they´re all helping out. I love this work, and I see Father´s hand in every part of it! We worked very hard this month and were very blessed for it. WOO HOO!

I was also reading D&C 58, and it was super good. I learned a lot about how we have our agency, and we choose to do good! We need to use our angency and choose to serve our God! Let´s show him that we´re willing to do His will in all things! I love you all!
Sister Neal

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