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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Letter from 8/25/14

Oi gente! This week was fantastic! Lindalva got baptized!! Her baptism was so perfect. She was so well prepared to take this step in her life. She had such a great understanding of the covenant she was making. After she stepped out of the water, she gave me a big hug and said that she felt amazing and new and ready to start her new life. It was so beautiful! Her two kids are getting baptized on the 30th. She didn´t want them to get baptized yet because she wanted them to get personal responses. Her daughter, Taynara (14) went to mutual and absolutely loved it, and started telling everyone there that she was getting baptized the next week. So...that surprised us, but of course we were happy :) And her son, Talison (12) was super difficult. Probably just because he´s 12...but whatever. He would  never pay attention to any of the lessons, and never answered any questions, so we were never sure about him. But right before his mom´s baptism started, he ran up to us saying with the biggest smile on his face that he wanted to be baptized. 2 MIRACLES, GUYS. We´re so blessed, and we´re having such an awesome time helping these people. 

So, I was studying D&C 50 this week, and I absolutely loved it! It taught me a lot about how us, even as missionaries, are ALWAYS developing our testimonies. During this mission, I will grow more than I will in my entire life because I´m always testifying and trying to use the spirit to guide. My companion and I are always trying to develop our teaching skills with the spirit, and my testimony really has grown. I love it!  I also started reading in Moroni. The end of the Book of Mormon is so sad, but I absolutely love Moroni´s example of faith and diligence. Everyone who believes in Christ is dying...but Moroni says bodly that he will NOT deny the Christ, and he walks alone, not knowing whether or not he will die...and he continues writing in hopes that it will bless people later. Look at that faith! We need to always stand up for what we believe, and always be obedient to the commandments, even if we don´t understand them right then. I love the Book of Mormon, and I know with all of my heart that it is true. We have it as our map, we have SO many examples of prophets and good people, and if we just follow the instructions that are written, we will be saved! It´s our choice! I love you all and I hope that you guys have a fantastic week!


Sister Neal

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