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Friday, August 15, 2014

Letter from 8/11/14

Hey everyone!

This week was another great week. We have an investigator named Ávilla, and about a month ago she came to church all by herself because someone invited her. Now she´s getting ready to be baptized. This shows that some people are just waiting for the truth, but they don´t know where to find it...our purpose as members of this church is to invite people come unto Christ! An invite doesn´t hurt anyone...and miracles happen. Sunday we also had a family just show up to church because a member invited them too. You guys help so much in this work, but we definitely need your help. 

The field is white and ready to harvest...but it´s also a really BIG field...and missionaries that come from far away don´t know where to look. Work can happen randomly...but it´s a LOT easier and way more effective when the members show the missionaries where to go. References are AWESOME.

Miracles are really happening! We´re working on baptisms this Friday for Ávilla, her sister Patricia, a woman named Lindalva and her 3 kids. We´re having such a good time and getting some great work done. I´m learning more all the time. I love you all, have a wonderful week!

Sister Neal

*She sent 6 pictures this week with no captions.

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