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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letter from 8/4/14

Hey everyone! 

This week was really awesome. We had a great experience with that family I talked about last week. We went and visited them to teach about the word of wisdom, and Dary (the wife) stopped us and said, ´Oh, I know, I went on the church´s site and read everything, we already stopped drinking coffee, we just drink chocolate milk now. We decided that we wanted to follow the rules exactly, otherwise there´s no point.´ ...WHAT. That was incredible, people here drink coffee like crazy. It really shows that the spirit prepares people. We invite the spirit and challenge people to do stuff, but the change comes when they feel the spirit, not because of our words. 

We also ran into a lady who was baptized as a kid, but is inactive. She invited us to her house and asked us to give the first lesson just to hear it. We did, and she had TONS of doubts. Tons of doubts that we´d never even thought about. But my companion (Sis. Nascimento) and I just kept super calm and were able to answer every single question and take away all doubts. She absolutely loved it, and wants to start visiting church again. 

I was also reading in 3 Nephi 9. I absolutely love this chapter. Verse 14 says that HF and Christ are always waiting with their arms extended towards us. They will receive whoever comes, we just need to do our part. Verse 22 says that we need to humble ourselves and repent. If we don´t...we really aren´t fulfilling our purpose at all. Our purpose here is to grow, and return to the Father. If we´re not humble, we can´t do that. Christ saved us ALL from sin, so let´s use it. When we fall, we´ll get up again and try even harder. Every day is a constant fight, but we can win. It´s our choice.

Love you all, tchau!

Sister Neal

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