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Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter from 8/18/14

This week was wonderful and full of miracles! Ávilla was baptized. But, as you guys may or may not know, something bad always happens the week of the baptism. She started getting super doubtful, not knowing what she wanted to do. But my companion and I went and visited her, and were able to take away all of her doubts. It was incredible how scriptures just kept coming to our heads and the right words to say came to help her out. She loved it. It really showed me the importance of personal study and letting the holy ghost work through us. It really strengthened my testimony. 

Also, we have a woman named Lindalva getting baptized this Saturday. she really is a miracle. She has such a huge desire to be baptized. Her kids will too. We´re super grateful for them, and it´s so great to work with them. 

We were also super protected this week. My companion and I got robbed, but nothing bad happened to us. We lost some our cameras..because it was the day of the baptism....but we were safe. After the guys who stole our stuff left, I felt so much peace. Worse stuff could have happened. I know that the Lord is on our side and protecting us in this work! I love being here as a missionary, and am absolutely loving the miracles we´re seeing. No impure hand can stop the progress of this work. I love you all!!Have a wonderful week!

Sister Neal

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