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Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter From 9/8/14

This week was fantastic, and I really gained a huge testimony of service and how extra service projects really help the work. 

We baptized Talison, and he has a friend named Klebson who just wanted to get baptized with all he had. He wouldn´t drop the topic. The only problem was that his mom wasn´t having it. This poor kid´s family lives in a bar and he´s seen things that no one should ever see. He doen´t even sleep at his house, he spends all of his time at Antonio´s house ( He´s a recent convert) And Antonio teaches him about the Gospel and what he should and shouldn´t do. He´d been going to church, but his mom didn´t want him baptized. So we went and talked to her again at her bar. And we have a lesson about the Gospel and the importance of baptism..and the bar was all ears. Everyone was looking at us and participating, and the Spirit was incredibly strong. They loved it. Then some one there, (Maria) said something about having to work in her yard and how it was really difficult. So we said we´d be there the next morning to help out. No one believed us. So we left and went to her house the next day. When we got there, 3 people who were at the bar were there to help too. So we did A BUNCH of work in her hard (they don´t have any electrical it was interesting...and reallllly really burning hot...) but we helped! And then Klebson´s mom called and asked if we were actually there...and when she heard that we were, she got emotional and said that her son could be baptized.

We stopped by her house, and she said ´our life is like this (gesturing to the bar) but we can and will change. we just need your help.´ WHAT. This was a huge change! I know that service and really showing that we care opens people´s hearts. Through the example of her son, she is being changed. We´re so excited to work with her.. Miracles are real!

Also, I really love 1 Nephi 17:51. Nephi has so much faith in God´s power. If He can do so many miracles, why can´t he help me build a boat? If God wants something done, He´ll help us...we just have to be diligent and do our part. 

Love you all!!!

Sister Neal

Klebson, who was baptized on Saturday

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