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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter From 9/15/14

I loved this week, it was incredible! My companion and I saw that as we did our very best, God did the rest. This week we found this man who was absolutely horrible. He invited us into his house, and instantly started getting angry. We said ´can we start with a prayer´ and he was already upset. He started yelling and telling us that Joseph Smith wasn´t  a prophet and started getting pretty violent and hitting we ended up just walking out. But the feeling I got when he said that Joseph Smith was a false prophet was indescribable. My companion and I felt really strange and then we were able to bear our testimonies, and we actually felt powerful. It was actually really cool. Of course he didn´t hear any of it, but it really strengthened our testimonies. I know that Joseph was called as a prophet and restored this Gospel, and it is the only true and complete gospel on the earth!

But anyway, right after that we walked into a wonderful little family. They were so perfect, and we´d actually talked to the dad in the street the week before. They loved the lesson, and they have baptismal dates.

On Saturday, we had so many people from the passed weeks confirm that they´d be at church on Sunday...but that always happens, so we went to go pick them up. And guesssss whatttt. EVERY ONE of our old investigators said no. All of them. Just flaked out and said no. So, we were super disappointed, and we went to catch the bus because we were late to church. When we got on the bus, we saw one of our investigators from that week was sitting there with a huge smile on his way to church too! That´s so crazy, because Castanhal is really big! And he was there! Then we went and picked up that family that I talked about earlier, and they were all dressed and ready to go! And THEN we were in Gospel Principles and one of our investigators (Neide) from the day before walked in! It was a huge miracle! None of our investigators from the passed week went, but our new ones from this week did. That never happens! It was a miracle, and Neide is getting ready to be baptized this Saturday. Woohoo! If you guys could pray for her, that would be lovely!

So it was amazing. Oh, and the reason Neide walked in late was my fault...I´d called her that morning, and I understood completely incorrectly...I thought she said she wouldn´t be able to go...but she actually said something like `yeah I´ll be there, just pass by so I know where it is!´ HAHA. Language barriers. Oh well, she figured it out and absolutely loved it :D

Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Neal

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