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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 2/16/2015

This week was crazy!! We had a bunch of stuff going for us, a bunch of miracles happening...and I was emergency transferred a week before the actual transfer! President called on Friday and said that he needed me to be in the new area on Saturday. I´m now in Icoaraci (Like 40 minutes from where I was) and I´m with a short term missionary, who´s going back home this week. Then I´ll be training a greenie! I´m so excited, it´ll be so fun! The only scary thing is that I don´t know the we´ll just learn together. Woohoo! This area is definitely full of miracles, and I´m excited to see them! Thaat´s about it...but here´s some pictures!!

That food is bull tail. gosh it was good. and the rest are pictures with some of the members I left! (president let me go visit church on sunday to say bye :D )

Have a wonderful week! 

Sister Neal

Oh, also, that man in the 3rd picture isn't a member, but his wife is. He knows the church is true, but just won´t give up drinking to be baptized. When I got there, everyone told me not to talk to him because he didn't want anything with anything...but we started having FHE at his house and he started participating. Then he said that a long time ago he´d sworn to never talk to a missionary again...but then when I told him I was leaving, he got really sad and told me that he was preparing himself to be baptized. UGHHH. But that´s okay. At least he´ll still be baptized!! 

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