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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 2/9/2015

Hey guys! I've been super negligent in sending emails...just forgive me, it´s easier that way. BUT. These past few weeks have been great! We´re learning so much! Our recent converts/less actives are starting to come back to church! Our ward is growing! Last month we had like 65 people in the ward on Sundays, and these past two weeks have been 100 people! Our ward´s growing and the ward is really helping us find new people to bring in. I still haven´t been transferred..but I think I´ll be eliminated at the end of February. So, we have a little investigator named Trinity. Her mom´s a member, but she lives in another city, and her dad´s not. BUT, she decided the other day that FINALLY she wants to be we´ll be baptizing her and PROBABLY her sister this Saturday! Woo hoo!! 

Also, I learned about faith. You can´t just decide to have faith randomly one day. You gotta start, like, YESTERDAY and develop it in the little things every day! That´s why positive attitudes are so important, because if we stay positive and SHOW our faith, God´ll give it to us! I know it! We gotta start practicing our faith now...and one day it´ll become UNSHAKABLE. I love you guys!! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Neal

Bunch of pictures! Ants buliding a home in our freakin sugar, The Elders had 3 baptisms and it was awesome (we helped them out) and 2 birthday parties. woo hooo!!

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