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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Letter from 11/17/2014

Hey everyone! I didn´t like this week at ALL until Sunday! It was one of those weeks that feels AWFUL while you´re living it, but once you look back, it actually was pretty fantastic. We worked worked woooorked and WORKED and saw lots of success. We got 7 people to come to church with us and one of them was a contact that we´d made the week before. We contacted him and he said he didn´t want to hear a message, but we invited him to church anyway and he decided to go and he loved it :) We´re seeing tons of miracles in Ananindeua, and it´s AMAZING to be a part of this ever growing work. I´ve learned that if we just do what we´re asked and TRUST in our God, we WILL be blessed. Every time. Just trust in Him and have hope. I love you all, have a fantastic week! If you could, please keep praying for Arthur and Kelly. Thanks so much and Love ya!!

Sister Neal

She and Seth were having a conversation about her giraffe

Sis. Neal and Sis. Domingues

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