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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Letter from 11/10/2014

Hey everyone! I loved this week, it was wonderful. We´re working hard and seeing results. This area was dead and now it´s super alive and we´re loving it! We´re really having a blast. Thanks for the prayers...Arthur DID recognize an answer...but he´s still wanting to wait on baptism. We invited him to pick a day...and he picked the 20th...a thursday. Silly goose. Oh well, we´re praying for that!! Kelly made it to church with us and is keeping the commandments, thanks so much for the prayers.

I´ve been learning that if you wanna see results, you gotta be willing to do what you´ve never done before. I was reading in Alma today about the war where the bad guys were upset because the Nephites were super prepared and were doing stuff they´d never seen before and couldn´t win....I´d go into more details but time´s we´ve been trying to think of new ideas of what we could do differently to help this work along. We decided to sing a hymn before every lesson, and it really has brought about miracles. The spirit is a lot stronger during the lessons and the people can feel a difference between our messages and the messages of other people. It´s been wonderful. 

I´ve also been thinking about the phrase ´if you want to go to God´s presence, you gotta repent.´ I´ve learned that that phrase is wrong. It should be ´You´re gonna go back to God´s presence whether you´re prepared or not. You should repent.´ It´s the truth...we´ll go back no matter what, and it´s our job to work so we´ll b comfortable there. It´s a good thing that we have the Atonement, what a blessing! We can always be clean and always prepare. Christ is with us every step of the way. 

I hope you all had a wonderful week, keep keeping the faith!!  

elder of the angels (elder dos anjos our district leader) hahaaha
Merry early Christmas!

Kelly at church!

Sis. Domingues and I


we wanted a cool walking picture and the elders kept ruining it

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