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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 5/4/2015

*Her camera has been giving her trouble uploading pictures. That's why there haven't been any for a few weeks.

Here is what she responded to my letter since she didn't write to the group this week:

crazy crazy week!! loved it :D HAHAH momma can´t believe you freaked out xD callllm down, everything´ll be alright!!!
YES, people came to church and it was A BLESSING FROM THE LORD. 6 people came, and one will PROBABLY be baptized this Saturday, his name is Sebastião. he´s been going to the other ward for 3 weeks, and said that he´s there for his salvation. we´re visiting him tonight, and we´ll challenge him to baptism for Saturday :D IT´LL BE LOVELY. I love you momma!!!

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