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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 3/23/2015

Heeeey, Marcelly got BAPTIZED! Wooohoooo :D Gosh she´s adorable. We followed up this whole week, went and got her mom´s signature, and it was like the most relaxed baptism ever! We got there early to get everything ready, and when Marcelly came in she was in a fit of tears. She said she didn´t know why, but as she got closer to the chapel she couldn´t help but cry. She´s already all set up to go out with us this week, and she´s basically already a sister. She´s fantastic. 
The ward we´re in is amazing. I don´t remember if I told you guys, but there are like 3 or 4 big families in the ward who are members for less than a year, and they´re super excited about missionary work. The others who have been members for longer are excited about the work too. They give us referrals like crazy and help us out and are super concerned about us. I´ve never been in a ward who loves missionaries so much, and the support we get is fantastic. I could finish my mission here and be SUPER happy. 

This week I was thinking more about how important Sacrament meeting is. Like, basically my whole entire life I just sat quietly through sacrament just thinking about nothing. But in the mission I´ve made it a goal to actually think about the meaning of the sacrament, think about the hymns and really feel the spirit and it´s been incredible. I´ve found that I´ve learned so much more about our Savior just by doing that simple thing. My testimony of the Atonement grows every day, and I am so thankful for it and our Savior´s love for us. He gave us His life and the perfect example of how we can go back to the Father´s presence, and He asks us to do what? Have faith, have hope, live like Him and help others on their way. I know that He lives!!
I love you guys!
Sister Neal

Hey guys...forgot pictures again. Heh. Toma.

Also, here´s a little bunny.
Marcelly´s such a PRINCESS. :D

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