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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 4/13/2015

I asked her how missionary life was going and then she responded to what I wrote to her:

Missionary life´s good. I´m content and happy now. Nope, we´re not...they´re hard to find. But you remember Pérola? We´re working a TON with her family. There´s a bunch of people who could be baptized there...and we´re working with her cousin, William, for getting baptized this Saturday. Yes, I get LOTS of food, they don´t let us be hungry here in this ward. :) We were sick last week because EVERYONE in the ward got a virus...but we´re all good now :)

I heard about the funeral, what a sad thing, but I know they´ll be helped and made stronger because of it. 

Our house never stops being stressful, haha.

Dumb computer. 

I´m glad you´re eating healthy!! I´ll start that when I get back home :D

Thanks for everything momma!!! I love you!!!!!


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