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Nicole's Blog

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 3/9/2015

GUYS this week rocked. don´t have much time, but basically we had no one to be baptized on the 14th and the zone leaders were like HEY, GO FIND PEOPLE TO GET BAPTIZED. so...we did. we found a girl named Marcely, who is SUPER ELECT. like think about someone who is already reading the BOM, searching REALLY for her salvation and wants to get baptized. of course, we were THRILLED. sorry for all the caps, i´m just so happy! also, we were looking in our area book and found a lady who wasn't baptized cause she couldn't ditch coffee...and we went there and she was like, oh, how good that you guys passed by, i stopped drinking coffee!! We´re gonna baptize them and we´re sooo happy!! also, one investigator went to church this week ALL by herself and LOVED it. IN THE RAIN. WITH HER NEWBORN BABY. gente. i´m so happy! I know that this is the work of the Lord. This church is true. We have a prophet. I love you guys so much.

Have a wonderful, semana milagrosa!!!

Sister Neal!

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