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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 3/2/2015

WOOHOO :D I got my new companion, Sister Almeida, and I´m super excited!! I was transferred again, so we´re opening the area, and we´re super ready to see what Satélite has waiting for us! I don´t have a lot of time, so I´m just gonna write about the experience I had while seeing Elder Cook last week.

SO, he said a lot of fantastic things about how we´re supposed to be better ward builders, and how we need to be better examples. He told us that we need to have more faith. Then he answered a bunch of questions that we had, and we learned a lot. He answered a bunch of questions that I was personally thinking about during his talk, too. But the part that marked me most was when he left his blessing with us. You know how in the scriptures those parts that kind of annoy us because they just say something like ´yeah, we can´t describe what was said because the words were so incredible...but i can tell you that the spirit was REALLY strong.´ Yeah, well, that happened. He left his blessing on us...and I remember that he said such simple things...but the spirit I felt was the strongest I´d ever felt in my life. The spirit was testifying of the things he was saying, and there is no denying that he is an Apostle of God. I can´t describe what he said...but I know what I felt and it was exactly what we needed. 

I know that Christ lives! He died for us and showed us the way. We need to hold on to the rod with all we have and FOLLOW Him! Everything´s been prepared for us. He loves us, and we really can go back home. There are prophets on the Earth today. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true. There´s no denying it. I love this Gospel, and I love all of you, have a wonderful week!!

Sister Neal

(pictures next week, this cyber´s ruim)

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