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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 4/20/2015

Heyyy guys! This week was ridiculous!!! We were preparing William to get baptized on the 18th, so we had to go to his house every single day. So, that´s what we did on Monday. Then on Tuesday, we had to go to Belém because Sister Almeida had a doctor´s appointment. Usually it would only take about 45 minutes to get there by bus, but NOOO, coming back took 2 dumb hours, and we only got back in time to talk to one man who went to church last week (Who´s name is Jesus and I just think that´s fantastic. The baptism invite was great. ´Will you follow your example, being baptized?´ HAHA it was funny to us xD) And then we went and talked to William. Great. Wednesday, we had to go on dumb splits. I went to another Sister´s area to get to know her investigators, and EVERYTHING fell through in her area and in mine where I´d left Sister Almeida. Satan works, ugh. But, it´s okay. Then, Thursday. A LOVELY training meeting in BELÉM AGAIN that was SUPPOSED to end at lunch time but went until about least it was a good meeting...but still. We got back into our area and ONLY had time to talk to William again. Friday. WORKWORKWORKWORK. We were running to get people at church and no one was wanting to commit. Typical. Then William. All good for baptism. Saturday BATISMO. Everything went well, I wish I could send you guys pictures, he was so incredibly happy. William´s a 15 year old kid who lived in another state, but came here to live with his cousins. He started using drugs when he was 10 years old, he´s full of tattoos, and his ear guages are crazy. When we saw him, we didn´t see a lot of potential...but he accepted baptism and got excited really fast. He loved church and was baptized on the date we gave him. He was glowing :) Sunday had NO ONE confirmed to go to church...but Marcelly, the girl who was  baptized in March, brought her little sister. We put a date on her sister and she´s excited to get baptized...but the only problem is her mom doesn´t wanna accept it. But we´ll work with her. SO, that was our week!! Other things must have happened, but it´s easy to forget. LOVE YOU GUYS, have a fantastic week!!

Sister Neal

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