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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 3/16/2015

Photo with Elder Cook!! GUYS I´M BETWEEN HIM AND HIS WIFE. Cool right? Yeah.

Hey!  This week was know. Awesome. Full of awesome stuff that I can never tell right. We found an incredible woman who is so ready and wanting to be baptized, but we just gotta marry her. Her name´s Mari and she loves the church and wants to do everything she can to be saved. Marcely, the girl I talked about last week, wasn´t able to get baptized this week because of some little problems...but she´s getting ready for this week, so please pray for these two! They´re amazing, just needing some prayer. The members here are amazing and they love us and we love them and we´re actually able to work together. I don´t know...nothing that awesome happened this week...
But I´m so thankful to be here on the mission. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that if members and missionaries work together to build the ward, the kingdom of God will be built as well, and we´ll be helping God with His purpose. I know that Christ lives and suffered for all of us. I know that He made the perfect path for us to follow. I know that we have a prophet who lives today and who guides us and tells us what God wants us to be told. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and was written for us in our day. I know that this Gospel is perfect and the the Lord is always with us, always helping us, and always loving us.
Have a fantastic week!
Sister Neal

I forgot pictures....
The Sister trainers before we picked up our companions, the new kids, me super red with s. almeida, some catholic guy gave me a saint and then randomly all the catholics let us in, s. almeida and i with our somos loucos por jesus sticker. yeah. that´s about it, love you guys!

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