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Nicole's Blog

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter from 7/7/2015

Sorry I wasn´t able to tell you! On Sunday at the last minute, they told us that we´d have to go to Santarém to get to know our new mission president, so we left on Sunday night and only got home this (Tuesday) morning! I LOOOVE YOUUUU!!

Aw mom you guys look great! You have such a little family! haha. Glad you guys made it safely! Looks like everyone had a blast! We did too, it was awesome getting to know our new mission pres. 

2 people were baptized! Flavio and luzimara! woohoo!! And we have a potential baptism for this Saturday...Americo...pray for him please! 

Pictures of the baptisms and the gorgeous Amazon river!! the Elders who are with us stop at a different city called Obidos...and we continue on. Woohoo!! love ya tons!!!!

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