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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter from 6/22/2015

This week was AWESOME!! This week passed by so fast but so much happened that it felt like a month.
So since February, we´ve been teaching this young man named Richard. (Here it´s said like´s super ugly :P) And he was FIIINALLLY baptized! He´d been going to seminary for months and loved it, but NEVER went on Sundays. He finally went this last Sunday and said, ´wow, I thought it would be super boring, but I loved it! Can I be baptized this Saturday?´ Gosh we went crazy with joy.
BUT our Zone Leaders ALSO had baptisms. They baptized 5 people, and it was awesome because we were involved in it too!!
One husband and wife that were baptized had already met our LZs in another area, and he´d contacted them but they didn´t want anything. Then they moved here. Elder Viana (LZ) found them AGAIN. And this family gave a referral of the OTHER husband and wife that was baptized. And the awesome thing was that Sister Gusmão and I had already contacted them, so we knew them already. It was so awesome to see them at church.
The woman who was baptized was also a contact S. Gusmão and I made! We found her in the street with her member friend and invited to church and she went! 

GUYS, make contacts! Talk to everyone!! They truly make miracles! This Saturday we were able to see many people earn the keys to enter into the Celestial kingdom, just because we decided to open our mouths. I hope you guys understood the story, it´s a little confusing.
ALSO, I started my last transfer today. And, instead of staying in Satélite, I was transferred to Oriximiná...a SUPER far away area. We´ll have to take a plane, and then travel on a boat for 8 hours and sleep in hammocks...and it´ll be super fun! I´m so excited! It´ll definitely be an adventure! Love you guys, have a wonderful week!!

Also, look at these kitties...we finally found someone to take them. woohoo! THEY´RE SO CUTE.

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