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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter from 6/29/2015

Guys this week was fantastic!! We got on the plane on Wednesday at 4:30 PM and we got into Oriximiná on Thursday, 6:30 AM and it was fantastic! The boat ride was gorgeous, it was a boat with 3 floors FILLED with hammocks and we went on the 3rd floor and were able to see TONS of stars. The only annoying thing is that it was hard to sleep...the hammocks aren´t very spread apart and we kept bumping into everyone...but it´s okay. It was fun. :) 

This area is amazing! When we got here, the other Sisters had left prepared 5 people to be baptized...and it happened! Haha it was super fun because we got lost a lot...but they were baptized, and they are so happy. 

MORE miracles happened for us too! I mean, it was awesome that 5 people were baptized, but they weren´t OUR baptisms. So...we went crazy trying to find people for this Saturday. As we were walking, we found a man reading the Gospel Principle´s manual. So we started talking to him, and he told us that he´d be at church on Sunday. Awesome. So, he went. We went to visit him on Sunday afternoon, and we asked him if he liked the church. He said, yep, I love it, and I´m gonna get baptized there. When´s the next baptism? WOOHOO! His name´s Flavio. So, we told him the next baptism would be this Saturday. And so we taught him the commandments. He loved the word of wisdom. He used to drink, smoke, and do drugs...and 2 weeks ago he decided to stop and look for a church! Gosh what a miracle!

Also, a member gave a referral of a man named Alencar. He´s SUPER awesome. He works with a member, and he started asking the member questions about the church. The member (Dário) answered him and gave him the Book of Mormon to read. So, he left a part marked for him. As he was starting to read, the pages turned and he felt that he needed to read the part that was opened. So...he did! And he felt that it was God talking to him and telling him to follow and be he will be! We just need to help him get married! Woohoo!

And Luzimara also. She will be baptized this week. The rest of her family was baptized the last transfer, and so we invited her for this week. And she said, ´yeah, I´ll be baptized. What time will it start?´ 

We´re so happy here and excited to see more miracles happen! And these miracles are happening because of the MEMBERS. They are working with us, and the ward is growing and progressing. We´re doing a thing called the 40 day fast...and one member of the ward everyday of the week is fasting. It´s really changing the work. I love you guys, and I know this is the work of God! Keep the faith!

Sister Neal

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