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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter from 7/21/2015

Hi guys!! This week was reallly really really awesome. We had such a good time!! Oriximiná is the greatest place in the world. We love it so much here!! 

So we were visiting Kevellem, who was recently baptized...and her sister, Ketely was there. When we got here, Ketely said that she didn´t want to be baptized. And we said, alright, fine. Haha. But out of nowhere, we were talkig to Kevellem and Ketely came up and said, hey guys, when´s the next baptism? God answered my prayer and I need to be baptized. WOOOHOOO!!!So we marked it for that Saturday! And her cousin went and watched it and then went to church on Sunday and said that she wanted to be baptized too!! Pray for Raiane, please! :D Ketely is a wonderful young woman. She´s 13...and already has a baby...but she´s ready to change her life and be good and follow the right path.

Yesterday we had a zone pday at a place called Alter do chão...IT WAS SO FUN! We played tons of games and ate tons of meat and it was just super fun. That´s why I didn´t write yesterday...hehe. Forgive me. Love you guys so much!!

Sister Neal

HAHAH MOM I forgot to put in the group email that we had a super awesome experience!!!

This week we´ve been reading a lot about Ammon and Aaron and how they were able to baptized nations...and we decided that because we´re at the end of the world in Oriximiná that we wanted to find a tribe of Indians. So, Sister Campos actually prayed to find one, and we honestly thought that it was  really funny....but then we actually found some!!! We passed by a house and they smiled really big, and so we went to say hi. Then they started speaking in this crazy language, but managed to say that they were from a tribe!! HAHAHA IT WAS SO COOL! So we taught them SUPER simply the restoration, and they LOVED it. Man it was exactly what we asked for! They accepted baptism, but they can´t be baptized because they´ll be going back to their tribe and we can´t go there. But still, our prayer was answered! Haha it was just a really cool experience to have. Love you guys!


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