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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter from 7/27/2015

Hey guys! It´s been an amazing week, full of wonderful things!! I am SO EXCITED to be a missionary! SO happy and so thankful for the experiences I´ve had! It´s the greatest thing in the whole entire world!! This week we had Rayane´s baptism, (my last baptism) and it was absolutely gorgeous. She´s super excited and happy and we were so blessed to be able to find and teach her. Also, Sister Campos´ mom was BAPTIZED!!! Presidente let her call home as a surprise and it was amazing!!! Her dad watched the baptism and LOVED it and everyone was crying and everyone is HAPPPPPY!!!!! And she´s going to the temple! And her husband is taking the lessons and is thinking about baptism too!! We are so happy!! But, I´ll talk to you guys next week!! Haha, and see you guys next week too!!!!

Sister Neal

This is Nicole's travel plan for leaving her mission. She leaves THIS Friday, July 31st.

My airplane from Santarém to Belém is on Sunday night. BUT the boat doesn´t go from Oriximiná to Santarém on I´ll be LEAVING Oriximiná FOR Santarém on FRIDAY. Certo? There, S. Campos and I will stay with the sisters until my flight on SUNDAY. Certo? Then I´ll stay with some sisters in Belém. And MONDAY is my interview to go home. I´ll more than probably have a chance to email you guys next week. :) Entendeu? 

Haha yeah mom, I´ll totally call ya. :) 

A GIANT BANANA. We made a smoothie with it.

Our dinner, pudim and popcorn.

Messing around before the baptism.


A gorgeous park in our area that helps us see that we really work in the middle of the forest.

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