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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Letter #2 from 5/26/2014

Hey everyone! Happy Memorial Day! (I hope it´s memorial day...I´m actually not really sure...but happy day anyway!)

This week was kind of disappointing, one of those weeks where no one decided to keep that was annoying. But we had the opportunity to make a lot of new investigators, and we´re learning to be more persistent. So that was a blessing. :)

The power here in Barcarena likes to go out city-wide...a LOT. So we were at our final lesson of the day on the other side of town, it was already past 9 so we needed to basically run home, and the lights went out...toootal darkness. So that was awful...There was no way to run because we couldn´t even see our hands in front of our faces, and the roads here are more pothole than road. So we were lost in the middle of the road on the opposite side of town, about to miss curfew. So...we walked super slowly, trying to guess which way our house was, and then we decided (later than we probably should have) to say a prayer. We asked for a way to be able to make it home on time safely. Right when we said amen, out of no where a guy on a motorcycle stopped and said he´d ride slowly next to us and be our light. And we made it home like a minute before 9:30. So, this might sound like a really small thing to you guys, but it truly was a miracle to us, and a good learning experience. Heavenly Father is aware of us in every single situation, especially in the dark. If we just turn to Him, He will provide a way for us to get home when we´re supposed to.

But yeah, that doesn´t change how annoying it is to have inconsistent power, haha. But oh well. :D

Oh, another cultural thing for this week, people here point with their´s actually really hilarious. At first I thought that everyone was just super twitchy, but no, they´re POINTING at stuff. hahah, I love it. And when something is really far away, they´ll purse their lips and inhale really deeply. It cracks me up every time, I love it :D

So I was reading in 2 Nephi 28, and the last verse hit me pretty hard. Heavenly Father LOVES US, guys! I won´t quote it, you can look it up, (v. 32) But seriously, it blew my mind. Heavenly Father talks about how he knows that His people will reject Him...which we do every time we sin...but He says that if we will just repent and follow Christ, His arms are ALWAYS extended. He is just waiting for us to act. I´m so thankful for my loving Savior who made all of this possible, and I´m thankful for my Father in Heaven.

Tchau for now, have a good week!

Sister Neal

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