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Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter from 5/19/14

Hey everyone!

This week has been cool!

There´s a lady in the ward who´s house we LOVE to go to because it´s surrounded by huge trees and MONKEYS LIVE THERE. And they jump around to all the different trees and it´s so cute! One day we ate there and the sister told me that I was eating her pet monkey...and I believed her and got really sad, and a little confused because the ´monkey´ tasted exactly like nasty horse meat...which it was. People here just love playing jokes on Americans. :P

Also, the dogs here are crazy. There are so many of them, it´s like they have their own civilization. They leave us alone and they It´s weird.

We taught an unmarried couple about the law of chastity...and in the end, my companion told them that they needed to get married or he proposed right then and there and they´re planning on getting married at the end of this month, so that was cool! And pretty hilarious because it was so unexpected...but yay!

A MIRACLE happened this week! Remember Glory? Well her mom and brother did not like us at all. They didn´t like us teaching Glory or anything about the church. But after Glory was baptized, her mom wanted us to teach her. We were kinda scared, because she´s scary...but we did it. And really guys, she taught US the lesson. She told us that she´d already read and taken notes on the entire Book of Mormon, she´s studied all the pamplets, and she´s had her whole vision of life changed because of the Book of Mormon. It was AWESOME. And Glory´s brother came to church with us and adored it. So we´re working with them this week, and hope to have the baptism this Saturday. 

The Gospel really changes lives. Glory was an example to her family. They saw her light, and wanted it. Now they can all work together and be happy! I love this Gospel, and the miracles I see every week. 

Remember to be examples, keep the commandments and keep the faith!


Sister Neal

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