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Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter From 5/5/2014

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good! We finally moved houses, so we´re super excited about that. The 4 of us sisters in this district are living together and it´s great. We had a horse and a trailer and our hands to move all of our stuff, so that was an experience. But yeah, the house rocks! No mold, less bugs, and doesn´t smell like death :D

We had lunch fall through like 3 times this week which is super lame because everyone lives far away and we had to take a bus and they just said OOPS I FORGOT. but it´s all okay and we never get upset because we´re happy, starving servants of the Lord. No big deal. :P But it´s all good because my companion cooks like a champ. So we all survived.

The Catholic churches around here are insane. On Good Friday they were carrying crosses throughout the streets and chanting weird stuff. And we woke up yesterday to a huge parade of people dressed in white robes singing super loud songs about Jesus and Mary...I wish I could send you the video, it´s pretty ridiculous :P Fireworks too. They go pretty crazy here.

So, I told you guys that story about Glory and our difficulties getting her to church last week, and how she wanted to be baptized on, everything was going great, we went to her house every day, followed up with her on how she was doing, and then on the day of her baptism, she decided she didn´t want to anymore...WHAT. So that was pretty sad. We fasted for her, we prayed for her, we followed up everyday...we did everything we could...and still she didn´t want it. So we were bummed out,and put everything in the Lord´s hands. Then on Sunday when we picked her up for church, she was basically running at us saying she wanted to be baptized right then :P she was super excited and wouldn´t stop talking about it. So right after church, everyone stayed and we had the baptism. It was a pretty neat experience, definitely a miracle. We learned that we teach our investigators that God gives us trials of faith a lot of the time, and we just need to let Him handle things..and this was a trial of our faith and we didn´t even realize it. So we keep learning all the time!

One of our investigators has a kid that gets angry a lot...and every single time he gets angry, he storms off, grabs the Bible, and starts reading. And he´s only he can´t read...but he knows that the Bible helps us. So....when things are bad, follow Adriano´s example and read the scriptures! They help us :D

Until next week!

Sister Neal

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