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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2nd Transfer

Hey guys! 

This week was my 2nd transfer here in that means I´m half way done with training...and that is insane to me, I feel like I have way more to learn...I mostly feel like I have no idea what I´m doing a lot of the time. I like having someone to follow and tell me where our investigators live because I still don´t know how to navigate the area very well...but she´s gonna leave after this transfer...and I´ll be alllll alooone with a sister who doesn´t know the area either..but it´s all good...

So, before I left home, I said the funniest thing to mom. I said that I wanted to take a box or something to hold letters that I get, you know, to preserve memories and maybe even go crazy and make an album or scrapbook later. And she said, ´nope, you don´t have space.´ But NOW I know that she REALLY meant, ´nope, no one´s gonna send you any mail anyway.´ So...thank GOODNESS I don´t have a box. ;)

It´s so awesome being a missionary. We really get a front row seat to see the change the Gospel makes in peoples´lives. Glory was baptized, and we visited her the next day and she was just glowing. She looked like a different person, and she was crying because she´d never felt so happy. I love this work.

So, a lot of the times we underestimate the importance and value of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon truly does testify of the Bible, and in the words are clearer, more direct, and easier to understand. I was reading in 1 Nephi 13 the other day, and vs. 36 really hit me. The Book of Mormon contains our salvation. And we can choose to read it, and to follow our map back to our Father...or not. So, the Book of Mormon is priceless. It isn´t just for this life, it goes into eternity. I know that that Book is true. It testifies of Christ cover to cover, and if we follow it, we will have eternal life. I´m thankful for the diligence and obedience of the prophets, because of them, we have our salvation.

OH, so my companion and I almost got struck by lightning the other day, so that was pretty terrifying! Haha. We were just walking, and it was raining, and a lightning bolt decided to scare us and we saw it right next to us and we felt all fizzy and our hair was standing up and it was CRAAAAZY. But we´re all good. Haha.

We have a lot of potential for baptisms this week, so we´re working really hard. This work is real, and I´ve learned than when we´re 99% obedient we get blessings, but when we´re 100% obedient, we see miracles. Missão Brasil, Belém is truly a Missão de Milagres. And I love every second of my time here. Talk to you guys next week!


Sister Neal

 Awesomeness of the Amazon

This house pretty much sums up a lot of the houses here 

 Glory's baptism!

Baby Isadora 

 The fruit that makes chocolate

 Trying to preach the gospel to all the creatures of the world. He rejected it hahahah


 These boys are sooooo cute!



 My companion and I

 Another rejection


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  1. We love your posts sweetie and truly do wish we could mail you something. The missionaries here almost cry when the don't get mail. Ha ha. Grandpa and I are almost finished with our mission and it is strange to pass on the responsibilities that have sustained us these three years. But a new President is due to arrive July 1, and Fathers work is never static. We love seeing your pictures and hearing from you each week. Be safe know that we love you and pray for you daily.