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Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter from 6/2/2014

This week was pretty good guys! Growing every day!

Around here, the horses are just like dogs. They just hang out outside everywhere. So sometimes when I see one one day and not the other, I get concerned that I ate it, because, you know, horse meat. I expressed my concerns to my companion and she just laaaauuuughed. Because APPARENTLY, charque isn´t even horse meat. It´s bull belly. IT´S STILL REALLY NASTY BUT DANG I can´t trust anyone around here, haha! So I´ve decided to never ask anyone what I´m eating and just eat it because they all LIE. So. But, according to my trustworthy Brazilian friends, I´ve eaten bull intestine and foot too. I don´t recommend it, it was gross. But really, I don´t know how I´m gonna live without rice and beans. It´s so good, and my day feels empty when I don´t have it.

My favorite name here is Wanderson. It´s so silly, hahaa. Also, my tan lines are insane. INSANE. I´m so DARK now.

A lot improved in the work this week. We had an investigating family come to church, and a couple more investigators. They all adored it, and we´re excited to see them progress. Please give references to the missionaries. Imagine how awesome it would be to have all of your friends at church. This is a Gospel of change, and we need to share it. 

One of the most fulfilling things about being a missionary is hearing the testimonies of our recent converts. The refer to us, with tears in their eyes as angels.  I love hearing them say that they know the church is true. It is amazing, and I know the work we are doing is worth all of the sacrifice. 

Everyone told me while I was in the CTM that one day the language would just click, and I didn´t believe them, because it seemed too hard at the time. But guys, it HAPPENED. This week, I woke up and I understood every single thing that everyone was saying. It´s incredible! I still obviously make mistakes, but I am understandable, and I can effectively have conversations and teach. It´s AWESOME. So keep the faith, miracles happen!

Scripture I loved this week: Mosiah 7:33

I LOVE reading the scriptures in Portuguese. It gives me more insight, and a different way to look at things, because the translation isn´t exact. In English it says, ´Turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart...He will deliver you out of bondage.´ In Portuguese it says, ´Voltardes para o Senhor com todo o coração´ The word voltardes means REturn. Heavenly Father KNOWS we're not perfect, and He knows we always fall. But He´s asking us to return to Him. It is never to late. LOVED IT. :)

That´s all for this week, TCHAU!!

Sister Neo

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