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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter from 6/23/2014

Hey everyone! I am absolutely loving this new area!

My new companion is Sister Cardosa, and I´m living with 2 other sisters. Sister Sender, and Sister G. Cardoso. I love them all, and we´re getting a ton of work done. 

Now that I´ve grown up and finished training, I actually feel like I have responsibility as a missionary, and it rocks. I speak more, and I make tons of contancts. It´s so awesome to be a representative of Christ and help people understand that there is more, and they need to be baptized. One of my favorite things to do is teach in big groups of people. Everyone pays attention, and they all participate. The coolest part is that I don´t make mistakes when I´m teaching. The spirit is definitely helping me, and I´m developing a greater hope in my Savior. 

Something else I´m seeing is that Satan doesn´t like baptisms at all. Haha, we had a baptism this week for a 13 year old kid named William. Our District leader told us that he had 6 firm baptisms for Saturday, so we didn´t worry about preparing anything. When we got to the chaple, (about an hour late because the dumb bus took forever) nothing was ready, and we were informed that Elder Galvão´s 6 baptisms ALL fell through. So then we had to hurry up and call him and get everything set up while everyone was waiting only to find that there were no baptism clothes to be found in the chaple. So we had to call the OTHER elders to bring white pants. (sorry this story is hard to understand, it´s hard to type fast in English, I´m translating from Portuguese to English...COOL, RIGHT) But anyway, so they all came, and we finally had the baptism about 2 hours late. But we forgot a towel....but one of the other Elders randomly had one in his bag. I REALLY hope that made sense...but seriously, the baptism was a miracle. And William is as happy as can be.
Also, you should all read Our Heritage, and all of those cool little books. I love them. 

Love you all, and keep the faith!

Sister Neal

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