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Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter from 6/16/14

This week was pretty hectic!

My companion was immensely sick the entire week, and we had no one to go on splits with a lot of work was left undone. She was so frustrated that she couldn´t leave the house. But she´s feeling a little bit better now.

Transfers were this week! My companion and I both left the area. She went to another state in the Macapá zone, and I´m in Castanhal in an area called Nova Linda II. It´s awesome already, and I love my new companion. But I never knew that transfers would be so difficult. Betânia was my first area, and leaving those wonderful members was harder than leaving home, because they became my family, and I might not see them again. Pains of a mission.

More miracles will happen in this area, I can feel it! I´m excited to be out of training and grow more as a desciple of Jesus Christ.

Also, the world cup is INSANE.

Amo vocês!!

Sister Neal

P.S. from Mom: She said she would love real letters if you are able to write.

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