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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Letter from 7/21/2014

Hey everyone!

Brasil is still really really really hot. And awesome. I absolutely love the people here! 

I just wanted to share a cool experience our zone had. 

So our zone leaders were walking around making contacts, and they walked by a man that they passed by every single day. The most they ever said to him was good morning, but this time they actually stopped and talked to him. They started talking about the church, and the man said, oh stop, I know all about the church. I´ve had the Book of Mormon for 10 years, I´ve been preaching its teachings in other churches, and I´ve just been waiting for you guys to stop and talk to me! He was baptized 2 hours later. How crazy is that?! It showed me that we really need to talk to everyone. There really are people waiting for us.

Miracles are real! Stay strong and keep the faith!

Sister Neal

me and geovana (our recent convert) when i left, she was crying :( 
 a group of us before i left my first area
 my companion with a tiny puppy!
the other two sisters in our district
my companion is sister cardoso, the other american is sister sender, and HER companion is sister g. cardoso. 

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