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Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter from 7/14/14

Hey everyone!

So, if you guys didn´t know, Germany absolutely DESTROYED Brasil last week. They made World Cup history. They made 3 goals in 6 minutes, and made us look like little kids with the total at 7-1. And our one goal was literally given to us. All of our Brazilian companions were crying. Literally kneeling down and crying. Our mission president was very wise in letting us watch this one game. Gave us lots of humility. :P But we made the whole thing a missionary experience, and I actually learned stuff. We can try and try, but sometimes it just feels like we´re running in place and hitting walls. But if we keep the faith, miracles happen. (In real life, not the game, because that game had 0 miracles.)

But anyway, that was exactly this week. We ran, got people all ready for church, called, got cars ready to go get them, and we had zero investigators at church. We didn´t understand, we fasted, prayed, EVERYTHING. We did our part. It is the most frustrating thing it the world to feel like all of the work we do has no affect. But as we entered the church building, we found 3 people who live in our area who just decided to come check it out. This might sound small to you guys, but it was a HUGE miracle. We are super excited to work with them and continue helping the people who didn´t make it to church like we wanted. We´re learning  to rely on the Lord in all things. 

So, never pray for patience, because things WILL come up to try it. :)

I have never been so exhausted and incredible happy.

Keep the faith! I love you all!

Sister Neal

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