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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letter From 6/30/2014

Hey everyone! This week was full of sun and work and it was AWESOME.

First of all, serving a mission is SO much more fun when you can actually understand everyone and participate in the jokes. I even have some people believing I´m from South Brasil now, which is awesome. I am so thankful for the Lord, there is absolutely no way I´d be doing this well without His help.

The Brasil-Chile game was insane...especially because we have a Chilean Elder in our district...and he lost...and it was his birthday. Poor guy.

Something cool about living in the Amazon is that whenever you´re hungry, you just go up to a tree and eat a bunch of ROCKS. (No, mom, I don´t always wash it, and I´m still alive :) )

Our area is of the main areas we work takes like 40 minutes walking to get there. Blah. But we always have a good time. The chaple´s far away too...but we´re getting lots of exercise. :D

We had about 7 people come to church today. An entire family and 2 others. It was WONDERFUL. We just gotta get these people MARRIED. It eats up so much time. 

I´ve been reading in Alma, and I´m learning how to be a more effective missionary because of it. It´s really fun to apply what I learn, and then see the results. 

Alma 24 is really touching. The men burried their swords and knelt down in front of their killers because they knew it was better to die clean of sin than to break a covenant with God. We really do need to bury our sins and stand up for what we know is right in all times, all things, and all places. Don´t have shame.

Anyway, that´s about it. Hope you are all well...and I hope you enjoy the fireworks, because I WON´T. Haha. 

Tchau, gente!

Sister Neal

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