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Monday, April 7, 2014

First Post from Belem with pictures!

Alright, I am officially in the Brasil, Belém mission!! WOO! And I love it. My area is Bacarena. Like Macarena. And it is SWEET. We had to take a boat to get here, so honestly, I have no idea where I, if you could look it up and tell me, that would be fantastic. haha. But dang is it hot. So humid, I feel like I´m swimming all the time. Haha. And because it´s so hot, it´s a rule to shower twice a day. So we always smell nice, and I´m getting a pretty sweet tan! I love my companion. Her name is Sister Domingues, and she speaks NO English. Yaaay for charades. Haha, it´s been pretty great. She´s so patient with me, and I´m super grateful for that. So, our apartment. Yeah, it sucks. It´s disgusting. The humidity is so bad that there´s just mold everywhere, and there are bugs...looots of bugs. The ants aren´t cute little baby ants either, they´re huge and GROSS AND THEY BITE. You should see my legs, haha. But it´s not like we´re in the house THAT much. Anyway, President came and saw our house and basically commanded us to move into a different one, so we´re doing that this week. WOO! I´m getting over my fear of germs reaaalllly fast, hahaa. I kinda have to. The food here is fantastic, and I haven´t gotten sick at all yet! I´m feeling a little bit too blessed...nothing bad has happened to me except getting bit by stupid little bugs that think my bed is theirs. So I´m bracing myself for something ridiculous. Haha. 

People here are so receptive! Contacting is so easy. We say we´re missionaries and ask if we can share a message, and they say yes! Haha, even the Catholics. We´ve already taught tons of lessons and have tons of baptism dates. We really just need to work really hard on getting them to come to church regularly. 

I have already learned so much about my Savior and this work! It´s really incredible. I´ve had the gift of tongues a lot, I was able to understand everything the prophets said at conference. And the Spirit prompts me during lessons to say certain things, and the results are awesome. I just need to stay humble and open and ask for these blessings. I´m super excited to be here, I love it.

OH. Haha, can´t believe I forgot. My bags got lost on the way to Belém. They decided to go to Florianopolis, the opposite end of the country. So that was fun! But I got them back late the next day. And i was the only American to leave the that was great. And it was April Fool´s day. I don´t know, it was just funny. I´m gonna try to send pictures! Tchau!


Sister Neal

P.S. - Also, my companion sleeps in a hammock. Haha, I might upgrade to a hammock, that´s so much sweeter and more exotic than a dumb bed with bugs in it!

 My 1st companion, Sister Morse

 My District in the Provo MTC

 Sister Taylor, my 2nd companion but first one in Brasil

Sister Pikula, my 3rd companion. She's an Aussie

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  1. Wow, definitely get a hammock! I'm so glad to hear how you are doing.