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Monday, April 21, 2014

She's Working Hard and Loves it All!

Hey everyone!

Everything´s been going great, Brazil is definitely still WAY different than the states, and I don´t think I´ll ever get used to it. The work here is going really fast, we have such a huge teaching pool right now that we literally can´t get more people to teach because we can´t keep up ourselves. It´s pretty cool. I´ve been learning that miracles WILL happen...we just have to present a solution to the Lord and He´ll help us make it happen. It´s fantastic. 

I had a pretty interesting experience this week, I decided that I was doing pretty good at Portuguese. My companion said I was doing well, and the members said I was doing well. Then we went to an investigator´s house...and she said she couldn´t understand me at all. So I was reallllly sad. And I didn´t want to talk anymore. Then we went to another investigator´s house and something different happened. I decided that I stunk at Portuguese, and then I talked. And he understood everything. So basically, my mindset now is that Im just terrible at Portuguese, but I can speak when the Lord wants me to. Yay for pessimism and the Lord manifesting to us our weaknesses so he can make them strengths. :P 

I´ve been having cool experiences too with teaching by the spirit. Sometimes I´ll feel prompted to say stuff that I really don´t want to say...but when I end up saying them, the spirit is so strong and the people end up going the direction we want to go. I definitely have a testimony of the gift of tongues, and I know that we´re the hands of the Lord. We´re here to say words, and the spirit testifies of the truthfulness of them. 

One of our investigators, Glory, has been progessing pretty slowly. But last night we went over to teach her, and she said she´d had an awful trial and decided to turn to the Book of Mormon. The part she read was Christ speaking, and he said ´follow me´ And then we taught her the plan of salvation, and she has no doubt now. She said she´d never felt more complete or happy, and she´s getting baptized on Saturday. WOO. :D 

Also, I bought the UGLIEST sandals in the world the other day, and I have never been happier. Most of the sisters here have them, and they´re just heaven. Wooo.

One of the most irritating things about this mission is washing our clothes by hand, hanging them out to dry, leaving the house, and then...RAIN. Haha, it´s the worst. But...if that´s the worst thing, then I guess things are going pretty well. I love this work, and I love these people. All of them have such strong testimonies even before we teach them. We ask them who God is to them, and they say without hesitation that He is their Father. And when we ask them to pray, they usually do. And every single time, you can just feel that they´re having a real conversation with their Father. I love it, they´re teaching me a lot. This is the best decision I´ve ever made. I´m growing so much, and I can´t wait to grow more!

Sister Neo

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