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Monday, April 28, 2014

Great Letter from 4/28/14!

Hey everyone! 

This week has been pretty alright! The beginning of the week was really hard because all of the Sisters in the district got sick...we all had SOMETHING awful, and no one knows what it was...but it´s all good now and we´re back to work! We´ve got lots of new investigators, but baptisms are coming super slowly because NO ONE here is´s so weird. But that´s definitely our biggest problem. People here are together 20 years and just never got the piece of paper. So strange. But at least they know the Gospel is true! :D

To answer mom´s question about houses, yes, houses here are extremely humble. A lot just have cement, wood, or dirt floors, and there are definitely bugs everywhere. And when we take the boat to Belém, there are houses hidden in the forest that are just little shacks. It´s way different. 

Hah, and the members here like to show us how fancy they are by feeding us charque. Pronounced like shark. But it´s horse meat. And goooodness gracious I don´t like it at all. But I eat it almost every day :P At least it´s food though. We walk and sweat so much that seriously, any food is good. I´ve lost a little bit of weight, but nothing to worry about just a few pounds. HAH. And I made the grave mistake of pretending to like a certain dessert the Sisters in the ward gave us...and now they make it all the time. Let this be a lesson to you all that lying is bad. badbadbad. But it´s all good...I now have a goal to enjoy charque and cupuaçu (the dessert).

Something hilarious that I love about here is that everyone recognizes me as an American. So when they see me walking down the street, people scramble for the one word or phrase they know in English, and they yell it as we´re walking. Haha it cracks me up. I get a lot of ´how are yoooouu?!?´and ´yeessss!!´ haha I love it. And when I respond in English they just go crazy and ask me to talk more...and then get upset that they can´t understand. It cracks me up.

We´re finally moving houses this more giant ants and spiders and slugs in MY BED. Woo!!

Something we do here every day before we leave the house is bear our testimonies. So I´ve been doing that a lot in Portuguese. One of the sisters in our district is from Argentina, and she literally has forgotten spanish...and with mother´s day coming up, she´s trying to practice spanish so she can talk with her family. So she bore her testimony in Spanish. And because of this, the sisters let me bear mine in English. To them it was all the same...but to me it was so weird! None of the words flowed right and I kept questioning if I was really saying the right thing or if I should have used a different word instead. So...that was reaaaallly weird. It´s just getting way easier to say Gospel related stuff in Portuguese. Christmas I think I´ll have a hard time talking to you guys. :D

One last thing! Sundays are the hardest days! The days we need to get investigators to church. This sunday was awful. We have one investigator, Glory, who really wanted to come with us, but she didn´t know how to get there, and she doesn´t have a car or bike or anything. So we got to the church to look for someone with a car, and the only person with a car there randomly had a flat tire. Then church started, but NO ONE was there on time who could help us. Then an hour later, someone finally we went with him, and he ran out of gas. Literally right out of the parking lot. And of course it was pouring rain. And of course Glory lives reallly far from the church. So...we walked. And eventually everything worked out and we made it just in time for sacrament (they have sacrament last here) And Glory absolutely adored it, and she wants to get baptized asap. So...I guess I learned to not give up...and that SOMEONE doesn´t want our investigators at church. Endure to the end people! Love you all, talk to you next week!

Sister Neal

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