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Monday, April 14, 2014

2nd Week in Bacarena

Everything has been going well here! We had our baptism on Saturday, and it was gorgeous. Lots´s of inactive people came, and we had a blast. I´m so impressed with the desire people have here to follow their Savior. 

We have a lot of goals here, and one of them was to find some families. We were having difficulties with that for some reason...but then we decided to pray. Once we prayed, we basically walked right into two HUGE families with lots of kids able to be baptized. These two families live in a duplex, and we taught them together. They went loved the story of the restauration (HOLY MOLY I SPELLED THAT HALF WAY IN PORTUGUESE I´M GONNA LEAVE IT, COOL.) And the dad was the most interested, along with the 12 year old boy. It was only at the end that we found out that they are all very active in a church in town that forbids them from letting people of other religions in their home. WHOA. We were so blessed, and they have baptism dates. We just need to get the parents married. That´s one of the biggest problems here. NO ONE is married! Haha these people have been together for almost 20 years and never tied the knot! Usually it´s because they don´t have any money...but seriously. Oh well. The kids can be baptized, and with time so will the parents. So we´re hoping. 

Our zone conference this week was about só mais um (just one more) and that was super inspiring. We´ve been keeping that in our minds. só mias um contato. Só mais um licão. Só mias um batismo. And it´s been amazing!! It´s definitely a lot of work, but the results have been unreal. I love it. 

The people here are so generous, and the members and I are actually becoming really close. Now that I can actually converse with them, we all have a great time. The only thing is, now that they know I can actually speak, the LOVE picking me to give the message after I always have to be prepared. :P But everything has been going great with the language! I learn more every day! I can speak quickly, and people understand me, and I´m even learning the slang and stuff so it´s super fun! It´s been incredible. My testimony grows more every single day. I´m always learning. I am so blessed to be serving here with these amazing people. 

Até mais!!

Love, Sister Neal

The girl who was baptized is 14 and her name is Geovana. We love her!

Got a bad allergy to some nasty bug bites. :( They dont look that bad....but they hurt like CRAZY.

I couldn´t feel my feet and I couldn´t breathe...but It´s all good! I got some shots and now I´m fine :D

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