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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last Week in the CTM!

Hey everyone! I can't believe I'll be in my mission in a few be honest, I'm dead terrified! But I'll be fine.
So, keeping things organized is hard. Sorry for the big jumble of an email you get.
First, I've discovered that I'm actually getting good at Portuguese...more or less. Sometimes I like to joke around and tell people I'm from Brazil, and they believe me! Haha, it's great. They say that my "sotaque" (accent) is really good, and that I'll be fluent pretty quick...which is what I needed to hear, because I'm SCARED.
I have an instructor who can speak Angry English and Gospel English..and it's HILARIOUS. The things he says are just so perfect. And the fact that he's white and saying all of this slang English stuff just puts us over the edge. He doesn't even realize half of what he says sometimes, he just picks it up. I love it. I think his favorite thing to say is "shut yo cracka face..." Haha, he's a crack-up.
My other instructor told me again that he's really worried for me because he said that everyone who goes to northern Brazil usually loses a lot of weight. It'll be an adventure!
I gave a talk in our Branch on Sunday about the Atonement. I wish I could go into detail, but I just can' time. I'll hopefully have more time in the field to email...this is kiiiinda ridiculous.
My trio is doing great. We're learning how to follow the spirit, and learning how to teach people, not lessons. It's exciting. We rely on the spirit a lot, and we've been getting the gift of tongues as we pray for it. It's awesome.
Also, if any instructors/investigators add me on FB, add them back, please! I love them!
Fun fact, people here like to play volleyball with no hands, just feet and head. It's awesome to watch.
My name sounds funny in Portuguese, it's basically prounounced like "Neo" so they call me neo from the Matrix. So every time they see me they do the whole matrix thing.
We get to go proselyting this Friday, just to practice contacting. Every time I think about it my heart starts racing...but it'll be fine! Wish me luck! You're all in my prayers!
I won't get to talk to you for two weeks probably, I leave on Tuesday. So talk to you soon! Sorry this email wasn't very informative...just know I'm happy and terrified! :D
Sister Neo :)

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