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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Letter from 3/12/2014

Hi everyone!
I'm glad you're doing well. I wish I could respond to everything, but it's impossible. So...I'll just tell you how it's going here!
My district went to a REAL Brazilian steakhouse last week and it was SO good. And super cheap. Like, 6 American dollars. And we never asked what kind of meat we were getting because we wanted to eat without fear...but we knew the word "coração" and "frango"...CHICKEN HEART. But we all ate it and it was super good. :D And we found out we also ate like a giant rat was all good so we don't question. :P
My district got ripped apart. The twins in our district left, their companion (they were in a trio) got moved to a Brazilian district, and so it's just Sister Taylor and me. We're learning a lot more than we were. But sister Taylor leaves next week, so I'll be in a trio probably on Sunday. My new companions are fresh from home. One is from Australia, and she's super awesome, and one is from Provo, and she's excelling in the language already. I'm excited.
I love the culture here, everyone is super nice. Especially because we can't really communicate very well...there's a ton of smiling and thumb's ups. :P There's an Brazilian Elder here who found out I was from Oklahoma and freaked out because he absolutely LOVES it. I asked him why, and he said "por causa NADA" and that means because he loves it because he thinks it's funny that there's nothing there. :P 
So, I've learned a lot more. There's this super boring language program called TALL...and I haaate it. So boring. I fell asleep yesterday. :P But I realized...after I woke up...that I'm not doing any of this for me. TALL is for me to learn so I can help other people and serve I'm trying to have a better attitude.
I've also learned more about humility. I am not essential to this work. If I leave, God's plan will not be ruined. So I need to be the best I can and rely on the Lord. (That didn't really make sense in writing...but it makes sense to
Have you guys gotten any mail? I've sent some stuff...but it takes forevvvver to send apparently. So...hopefully it gets there eventually...I think I'll probably just stick with email from now on.
Love you guys, you're in my prayers.
Sister Nicole Neal

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