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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sister Neal's Letter from 3/19/14

Hey everyone!
This week has been pretty annoying, mostly because my district was ripped apart. For like 5 days it was just Sister Taylor and I in a district, and because our instructors are the coordinators, they were super busy and didn't have a lot of time to help us out, so that was pretty stressful. But now I'm in a new district with my two companions. It's just the three of us, but we should be getting more people this week. Sister Haynie is from Provo, and Sister Pikula is from Australia. They're both awesome, and we're getting along great.
Some Americans came in last week who were previously serving in the States and just got their VISAS....and two of them just left the Oklahoma, Tulsa mission! That was super cool. One of them served in Riverside and knows the Warners. They loved serving in Oklahoma. Quad broke. My Bible just...fell out. So...I guess I'd better learn the language pretty quick, right?
I've decided already that moving back to America is going to be the hardest thing ever. I love the Brazilian culture so much, everyone is so nice! The Americans here (the whole 20 of them) Don't talk a lot or smile or anything. It's so different, I wish they'd just leave a lot of the time. :P
So, I have a new instructor who served in Manaus (the other Amazon mission) And he said that WHEN I get dengue fever to not worry, because it only lasts a month. :P Haha. Hopefully that doesn't happen.
My new companions and I have had some cool experiences with the gift of tongues. We'll be praying for each other during the lesson, and then we'll all start saying crazy stuff we didn't know how to say super eloquently and correctly. It's been awesome, and my Portuguese is actually getting pretty fast. Talking with the Natives is super helpful...but I also know that I'm only getting good at CTM Portuguese, the real world will be different. Oh well.
I love reading the BoM in Portuguese. A lot of the translations from Portuguese to English makes the scriptures have more powerful words and's like reading for a completely different perspective. It's AWESOME.
I also am starting to be disappointed because CTM missionary work with the fake investigators is kind of a tease. You invite the to church, they say no, you read a scripture, they say "yeah, when can I be baptized?" I just don't see that happening in the field. It makes me feel super successful for the time being, though. :)
The amount of food they give us is a tease too. They feed us at 8, 11:304:30, and 9. I talked to some Elders who have been out here for over a year and they said it's totally different. You eat breakfast, go to a lunch appointment (hopefully) and then work until 9. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US. WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE. :P
Well, everything's going well. Time is going by so fast. is my 1 month mark. 17 more to go. See you soon!
Sister Nicole Neal

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