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Nicole's Blog

Friday, June 5, 2015

Letter from 5/25/2015

Nicole didn't write a group letter, but this is what she wrote to me:

That´s so awesome that you guys are all there together! That makes me so happy, I love family. Congrats on the bathroom! What are ya gonna do to the floor in the dining room? I'm so proud of the kids´ grades, they´re fantastic!! 

Aiiii mooom. The mission´s taking a toll on my, my knee´s all messed up. It´s such a pain. Also, Sister Gusmão´s feet are SUPER swollen, and so we´re having tons of trouble walking. In fact, the doctor told her that she´d have to go a week without walking...but she said no, haha. And we´re working super hard, but it´s definitely a lot slower. This mission would be easier if we had a car, or at least a bike...we walk so much. But it´s all good! I´m going to the doctor tomorrow to see what the heck is wrong with my knee and it´ll all work out :D 

The investigators are well...Sebastião will be hard because I´m pretty sure we have to send a letter to the prophet asking about him because he was part of the corrupted police here and he used to kill robbers...yeah brasil is great. And Edna, who is Marcely´s grandma, is AWESOME. She wants to get baptized so badly, but she has to get married first. and we would have done the whole marriage process, but they can´t freaking find her man´s birth cirtificate. AHHH. Always something. But we´re super happy and working hard, and I hope you guys drive safely home!! I love you!!!


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